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Amiga Cheats Index:
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During the game hold 'J' then a number from '1'-'8' to jump to the corresponding level. Press 'J' and 'K' together for ulimitted lives. You can then press the keys 1 to 3 on the numeric keypad to skip to the three different stages on that level.

      Zany Golf
To get to the secret level, make it to the last level and look for the mouse hole. When the two eyes flash knock the ball is and off you go to the secret level.

Enter "FRAMPAGE" for the password and you will be given a light armoured fighter plane. The plane has better handling. LEVEL CODES: 05--"IMAGO" 09-"TIBURON" 13---"ARGUS" 17-"MARTEN" 21--"SOCKIN" 25-"GANNPAU" There is a tank placed on one of the islands. Hover over the tank and press 'H'. You can now pick up the tank and drop it in one of the danger zones and it will blast the enemy while you take the money and run.

01- NO CODE 09-"THENEWSTYLE" 17-"BOMBTHEBASS" 02-----"ECSTASY" 10-"WAS NOT WAS" 18------"D.N.A." 03-------"SECCI" 11--"BEATS INT." 19------"ICE MC" 04-"PUBLICENEMY" 12---"MOWTRINIX" 20-"M.C. HAMMER" 05-----"RUN DMC" 13--"DOUBLE DEE" 21--"TONY SCOTT" 06-------"ICE-T" 14-"VANILLA ICE" 22-"CHADJACKSON" 07----"TONE LOC" 15-------"N.W.A" 23-"BEATMASTERS" 08-"L.L. COOL J" 16---"DAISY DEE" 24-"NENEHCHERRY" 25-Levels Codes: "TECHNOTRONI" 26---"BETTY BOO" 27-------"49ERS" 28-------"AC/DC" 29-"SEX PISTOLS" 30----"OBITUARY" 31---"SACRAMENT" 32-"JUDASPRIEST"

During play, press '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', or '6' to light up a power and press 'RETURN' to activate it.

If you have seen Dawn of the Dead, you already have a good idea on how to solve most of the puzzles. But here's some extra tips anyway: 1. To lock up the mall to keep zombies from getting in, you need to park the trucks over the entrances. Get the key from the office on the 2nd floor and go to the 4th floor where the keys to the trucks are kept. 2. To keep the dead zombies from coming to un-life, lock them up in the freezer in the basement. 3. Before you can go play in the basement, you need a source of light. Get the fuses and gloves from the 3rd floor and go to it!

When asked to select the starting level, press 'F10'. You can now start at level 30 instead of 10.

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