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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      L.E.D Storm
Type in DAVID BROADHURST WANTS TO CHEAT and things start to happen, like infinite lives, etc. On the Amiga put one extra space between the second and third words.

      Laser Squad
In laser squad, for fun do the assassins on level 1. Buy no armour, give the corporal an m4000 with two reloads, the next two rocket launchers with four rockets each, and the last two nothing at all. Deploy in the entrance, in the gap in the outer wall , and take the house to pieces with the rockets, waiting for droids or Regix to show up - get them with Jonlan's M4000. I managed to do the scenario with one shot - it went between the leaves of the door, blew up against a wall and Regix was on the other side. end of story, fade to black.

Type "FREIBIERIC" and the screen will flash. This gives you infinite lives.

To duplicate any item as many times as you want do the following: First find a power point and stand in front of it. Then select any item from a droid's backpack and drop it on to the floor so that the name of it appears in the text window. Now pick up the same object and return it to the droid's backpack and engage the poser point so the lightning bolts are touching you. Use the look right, look left command to move the view screen so that it is at an angle. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and hold down the right mouse button so that the cursor becomes a hand and left click, at which point an object should appear on the floor and you can drop as many objects as you wish. Look back to the normal view and when the power bolts stop you can pick up the objects that you dropped.

      Licence To Kill
If you can keep with the jeep and fire like mad, you should be able to destroy it before it begins to twist through the narrow road between buildings. Bullets fly all around so it's best to let Sanchez go (he got away in the film after all). Use the time to pick off the gun turrets and then accelerate to the end after the last bend (use the map).

      Little Puff
Type "FAT DRAGON NINJA", then press 'CAPS' and 'L' to skip levels.

      Lord of the Rings
Explore the SHIRE (starting point) Completley. There are items in this area the you will need later in the game. If the game tells you there is a chest in a room, use the SKILL picklock, to open it. PIPIN TOOK has this skill.

      Lost Patrol
Rest for 50 minutes and for no loss of food your strength is restored by a few points. This restores all of your remaining men to 99 percent. Keeping up your men's strength and morale is vital. Giving your men 50 minutes' rest a night, or during the day when it's too dark to arry on, will slam your energy and morale levels to max. Even if you don't have much food, you don't have to worry, as your men will not eat it. On reaching the first village (the first white cross on the map), search the area to find a hole in the ground where the villagers appear to be hiding. You then have two options: ENTER TUNNEL or USE GRENADES. Gomez is useful at this point, but if he is dead, go for the USE GRENADES option. Start off questioning the villagers normally by aking them "Where VC?" Once you have an answer, start the hard questioning, or a village boy will get hold of a gun and shoot one of your men.

      Lost Vikings, The
Level Codes: 02-"GRBT" 11-"VLCN" 20-"WKYY" 29-"H0PP" 03-"TLPT" 12-"0CLK" 21-"CMB0" 30-"TRDR" 04-"GRND" 13-"PHR0" 22-"BBLL" 31-"FNTM" 05-"LLM0" 14-"C1R0" 23-"TTRS" 32-"WRLR" 06-"FL0T" 15-"SPKS" 24-"JLLY" 33-"TRPD" 07-"TRSS" 16-"JMNN" 25-"PLNG" 34-"TFFF" 08-"PRHS" 17-"SMRT" 26-"BTRY" 35-"FRGT" 09-"CVRN" 18-"V8TR" 27-"JNKR" 36-"4RN4" 10-"BBLS" 19-"NFL8" 28-"CBLT" 37-"MSTR"

      Lotus Turbo Challenge 1
Type player one's name as "IN A BIG COUNTRY" and player two's name as "FIELDS OF FIRE" to qualify no matter how bad you did. If this doesn't work try typing player one's name as "MONSTER" and player two's name as "SEVENTEEN".

Level Codes: Security Zone---"MEBBHKSBAL" Cooling Chamber-"MFDCRHOCCS" Energy Duct-----"WJRICCDFEU" Mystery Code------"BYL ERAI"

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