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Amiga Cheats Index:
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      Adams Family
Levels Codes: Pugsley - V121B, Granny - V&YKW, Wednesday - VD2RL, Fester - VL#R4, 1st power-up - &1#1F, 2nd power-up - ?1S1M, 3rd power-up - BLSRS

      Advanced Ski Simulator
Enter one of the players names as "GUMMI#". Where '#' is a number from 1 to 6. After you have entered both names press '1' for one player or '2' for two players and you will start on what ever level you specified by the '#'.

Pause the game, then type "TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS" (you should hear wow) if this doesn't work try "THUNDERBLADE" and use the following keys: "G" (More missiles), "T" (Less Missiles), "N" (Extra Lives), "<" (Go down a stage), ">" (Go up a stage).

On the main title screen (when the piano music is playing), type "FANTASY" to activate the cheat. Use 'F1'-'F4' for various things. F1 (Add bottom sword), F2 (Add upper sword), F3 (Increase Weapon Power), F4 (Get one extra live).

You can locate the spellbook in the room that also contains the candle. You must pick up and remove the blocks to get to it. With spellbook in hand go back to the starting screen and drop the book in the top left corner. Then follow the instructions you are given to find the ingredients needed to finish the game.

      Airbus A320 USA
On the A320 USA disk you will find a small file called "DUMMY". Make a copy of this and rename it "DUMMY.LOG". Now if you sign in giving the name "DUMMY" your log book will read over 5400 flights and a performance of 500%

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