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Amiga Cheats Index:
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When the game starts go right until the first dustbin appears. Kneel down in front of it and keep shooting. When it turns blue the cheat mode will be on and you will have infinite lives.

      Naughty Ones AGA
On the title screen, type "JOSHUA" for infinite lives. During play press 'DEL', 'SPACE', or 'RETURN' to skip to the next level. Do not try to skip the last level or the game will crash. This cheat may also work on the standard version.

When you first begin, sell all your body parts. You can get along just fine without them for now, and it gives you enough to get a half way decent deck. You will eventually need to buy them back before you start entering cyber-space, or you will be killed easily.

      Nick Faldo's Golf
On the title screen, type "MAJORTOM". You should now find an option to play a round on mars. To get a hole in one everytime, choose to play as an amateur, then start the game. When you putt, the {A MULLIGAN} option will appear. Click on {OLD} and your shots should decrease by one. Repeat until you are on stroke one, and put the ball in.

Pause the game and type "RISEN FROM THE DEAD" for unlimited lives. Click on the pass key and make the shape below, now when you click on the START you will have infinite energy.

On the high score table enter your name as "MPICKLE". Restart the game and you will be able to access the next level(s) no matter how poor you did.

      Ninja Rabbits
On the difficulty select screen, press '*' on the keypad and then press 'C'. The screen will flash to let you now it worked. This will give you infinite lives.

On the title screen, type "JOSHUA" and a message will appear {GREETING PROFESSOR FALCON....}. You will now be blessed with infinite lives.

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