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AMIGA MAGAZINES - (291 for Download.)
Welcome to the Amiga Diskmag section. A diskmag is basically like a newspaper/magazine that has been released by different groups active in various parts of the Amiga community. A typical diskmag will have documentation of various random events. Some might discuss games, conspiracy theories, technology, guides and all different subjects. Most of the articles on these disks will make for a very nostalgic read.

The Amiga Disk Magazines are ADF file format and compressed with ZIP.

Magazine Name: Copyright: Download #:
ROM 3The Rom Team/EssEnce385
Deadlock # 10Narcosis361
Amy PD Issue 5Cybercraft339
Abnormalia #3.14Lamors339
Grapevine #19LSD317
Grapevine #21LSD315
ZX Files #3ZX313
Zine Issue 11Brainstorm303
Totally AMOS #1Len 294
Stolen Data #10Anarchy291
Upstream #10Balance275
Amoszine #1Steve Bye/Lee Bamber248
Trader Issue #4Hypnotic229
Travellog Issue 2Arise216
Trader Issue #5Hypnotic211
Top Secret #15Majic 12205
Total Irrelevance #1MUG204
Total Irrelevance #3MUG204
Travellog Issue 1Arise201
Total Irrelevance #2MUG199

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