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Silkworm Review
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 Name: [ Silkworm ] Author: [ Sales Curve ] Date: [ 1988 ]
 Publisher: [ Tecmo/Virgin ] No. Of Disks: [ 1 ] Rating: [ 80% ]

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Silkworm is a vertical shoot-em-up, your mission is to destroy an army of badies, armed with the latest in combat gear!

The Game..
In the Silkworm, you control a helicopter, your mission is to progress throughout the different levels and to defeat the bosses you will encounter at the end of each one. The types of enemies you will encounter are: Tanks, SAMS, Helicopters, Mines and more. To help you in your mission, you will come across power-ups which will increase your gun fire rate and fire power. Also, along the various levels you will find sheilds which will protect you for a certain amount of time. If you shoot the shield powerup instead of collecting it, it will create a smart-bomb effect and knock out everything on the screen.

As mentioned before, you will come across various bosses at the end of the levels. These range from killer tanks or helicopter gunships which are generally equipped with missles and other weird and wonderful fire power. If you dont fancy going it alone, you can play two-player mode which enables one of you to be a jeep and the other to be a helicopter. Generally the idea is that the jeep takes out all the ground units such as tanks and SAM's and the helicopter takes out the air units such as helicopters and parachuting mines.

Silkworm is a very fast paced shoot-em-up, as you progess through the various levels, things tend to get a little hectic. You will have to dodge untold bullets, missles or what appear to be suicide helicopters! The two-player aspect is quite fun, you really have to play as a team and work together. There is no music in the actual gameplay aspect but the title menu music is quite catchy (although I swear I've heard it in another game?). The graphics are nothing special but work. All in all, a good game, one of my personal favourites!