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Amiga AMOS Source:
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AMOS Name:




Cavl V1.0Josh HaleA Vocabulary Builder
ChartlineUnknownDemonstrates how to draw a chart line.
Circle ScrollUnknownA circular scrolling example.
CLIMouseV. StepprathLeft of right click detection.
Colliding GalaxiesA. Rankin/J. TullinPredicts the collision course of galaxies.
Color Cycle TutorChris EvansMultiple changing coloured words,
Colour 2 Black and WhiteUnknownCoverts 32bit IFF to Black and White
Colourful DemoAaron McCormickRotating rendered graphics.
ColoursAaron McCormickFalling squares on screen.
CrosshairsUnknownGets the coordinates of current mouse position.
Cube DemoDavid SeetoA 3D spinning cube.
Cycle GadgetUnknownRotating options box.

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